Description: Powerful incendiary instrumental composition mixed style of rock and dance music. Creates a mood of speed, fast motion, strong pressure of drum machines and electric guitars. Suitable for games, a video about outdoor activities, Motorsport, great for various reviews and advertising.

Description: Pop rock composition with flanger guitar sequences, powerful guitar solo. Like the style Joe Satriani.

Description: Here is a rock and hard rock instrumental music track. Sharp, sexy stylish, with a cool solo all the way through of an easy flow.

Description: Radical rock, extreme attitude

Description: Energetic rock track. Powerful drums, guitar riffs and screamy leads. Suitable as a soundtrack for video associated with any extreme sport and driving.

Description: this is an upbeat guitar rock instrumental. it's quick, fast and positive. a great track for credits, theme, or background uses.

Description: A rock track that evokes the Beach Boys and other surf-rock bands. Perfect for a refreshing advertisment or presentation, or as a back track. Ends with choir.

Description: progressive rock tune with synthesizer and guitar intro, driving bass and drums, high energy.

Description: Music at a fast pace, but with a little rest and listen to the body...And again...

Description: 80"s rock track with heavy guitar riffs and vocoder leads.