Description: Huge-Powerful piece of music with mysterious mood in it, an excellent background for military-war footage and for all that needs powerful energetic feel. MAIN THEME loop

Description: Progressive Rock With Noisy Guitar, Saxophone, Advanced Drum Rhythm And Grooving Bass.

Description: Here is a fast paced progressive rock/metal instrumental with technical and syncopated phrasing. This track is Ludwig von Beethoven in a classic 4 piece rock band format of 7 string rhythm electric guitar with wah pedal solo phrases, 5 string electric bass, organ, and a rock drum kit that pushes hard. It has very melodic instrument interactions and dynamics that are constantly changing around a central theme. It will add hard driving thrills and excitement! 100 bpm

Description: Revolutionary Etude, classical music masterpiece of Polish born composer Fryderyk Chopin with rock arrangement. Great mood and virtuoso like guitar playing. This song belongs to Public Domain so no worries about using it. MAIN THEME ONLY!