Description: jungle law fits in with the totemic animal theme and in this case we have a serpent singing.

Description: catchy melody played by a fretless bass accompanied by a driving drum groove, keyboards and acoustic guitar.

Description: An instrumental rock song about the white light of the holy spirit.

Description: Orchestral epic metal track.

Description: Dramatic rock theme, featuring electric guitars, bass, tabla, percussion, and synthesizers

Description: Instrumental alternative pop/rock

Description: Progressive rock, dynamic and energetic

Description: Dark and gritty with a pulsing electronic groove and synth textures create a hypnotic mood.

Description: Aggressive rock track with driving guitar riffs and loud percussion. Similar to 80s or 90s metal rock; sounds like Smashing Pumpkins. Very good for competition or competitive ambience.

Description: 4/4 Rock track in the Key of D (Drop D). Heavy guitar riff, partnered with steady rock drumming.