Description: A power pop anthem with dark chord structure and heavy guitars and synths/pads. Contains elements of electronic, hip hop and wah-wah guitar.

Description: Insistent guitars and a driving rhythm section create rock defiance befitting both Seattle and Detroit.

Description: Pop rock composition with flanger guitar sequences, powerful guitar solo. Like the style Joe Satriani.

Description: This is a high energy, adrenaline rushing , rock guitar riff track which drives forward full of confidence.It has a fresh young and sunny summertime feel to it, in search of the action and excitement of a new adventure.Enjoy!

Description: A dark progressive rock song with a long, moody guitar solo

Description: Driving high energy rock track with cool guitar riffs, rock'n'roll solo guitars, Hammond organ, powerful drums and Rickenbacker bass-)

Description: Groovy rock waltz instrumental with horn section and distorted guitar solo

Description: Soul rock music with electric-guitars, saxophone, synthesizer and drums – groovy, peppy and uplifting.

Description: Aggressive Alternative Hard Rock Classic Metal

Description: Easy Listening, Rock-Soft Rock, Rock, Rock-Southern Rock, Beautiful, Cheery, Romantic, Retrospective, Relaxed, Reflective, Positive, Pleasant, Mellow, Laid Back, Gentle, Tender, in a Heartwarming, Emotional, Reflective, Romantic mood, featuring Organ, Guitar, Acoustic, Drums, with a Mid tempo