Description: Psychodelic metal influenced affront with authoritative wah guitar assult and bombastic drums.

Description: Rock - Guitar Rock - Half-time feel with a rolling groove featuring a growling guitar tone making it's way through a syncopated rhythm course. 93 BPM, Medium

Description: funky jive turkey groove with b3 organ sweeps, poppin funk bass and clavinet melody.

Description: Rock - Guitar Rock - An anthem entering a state of hysterical rapture and ecstasy with a runaway train guitar melody and rhythm. 170 BPM, Very Fast

Description: Rock - Guitar Rock - This tune is moving, driving, and passing steadily and forcibly on a decisive and overwhelming complete rock groove victory of sorts in a feverish pace. 170 BPM, Very Fast

Description: Rock - Guitar Rock - This burst of groove possesses and gives reality to perhaps a hope, fear, plan, etc. via a melodic line on clean guitar and a ska like bed. 170 BPM, Very Fast

Description: Rock - Guitar Rock - Analog spacious and moody synth and guitar hook-up with a hypnotic vibe and edge of feedback guitar melody. 77 BPM, Medium Slow

Description: Rock - Retro - Anthemic guitar driven rock theme with catchy rhythm lick and aggressive lead line. 130 BPM, Fast

Description: Rock - Retro - Guitar driven pop alternative vibe with strong chugging rhythm lick and synth melody ala The Killers. 132 BPM, Very Fast

Description: Rock - Retro - Urban metro groove theme with relaxed yet upbeat feel and guitar jazzy melody. 100 BPM, Medium Fast