Description: Agressive grunge rock, dirty and energetic inspirational 20s music loop with confident mood. Great for modern slideshows, presentations, summer season advertising video. Strong drums, live bass, driving catchy guitars. Nice also for commercial games and movies, as a musical background for business websites.

Description: A short and dynamic rock logo with electric guitar, bass and drums. Try this if you want to stress some action moments in your project.

Description: Short logo in the style of rock. Tempo - 130bpm. Can be used for various video projects and games.

Description: Down tempo, dark, raw, guitar, metal, alternative

Description: Upbeat, driving, energy, guitar, racing, metal

Description: Good Ol Boy rock, bluesy, hand claps, glitch, swampy

Description: Upbeat, energy, guitar, racing, metal, competitive

Description: Tricky guitar, guitar, driving, metal, edm elements

Description: Gritty, mean, nasty, down tempo, extreme, metal, guitar

Description: Rock, soul searching, string theme