Description: Bright positive happy determined light rock groove reminiscent of Fleetwood Mac-:60

Description: Determined jangly guitars backed by driving pulsating beat creates a kitschy funk theme-:60

Description: Urgent suspenseful dramatic urban ""street"" theme reminiscent of the famous 70's pop-culture Detective icon-:60

Description: Driving determined punchy funky cool disco-:60

Description: Celebratory positive uptempo and driving in the style of ""Celebration""-:60

Description: Funky energetic punchy pulsating disco/dance theme-:60

Description: Bouncy positive jangly guitars purposeful beat reminiscent of The Beatles' ""Birthday""-:60

Description: Jangly positive medium-fast tempo ambient-:60

Description: Driving loud uptempo and macho in the style of Steppenwolf-:60

Description: Ambient positive celebratory 60's style rock inspired by The Byrds-:60