Description: Endurance test, Rugged, Mountain, Gritty, Blues Harmonica, Southern, Electric Guitars, Country, Back country, Horseback blues

Description: Dynamic rock piece, powerful and uplifting. Drums, guitars, bass and electronic organ are so good in this positive piece for commercials, movies, lifestyel and travel vides, sport projects and more.

Description: Super laid-back and relaxed, this funky blues rock loop is a total chill-fest with lots of musical hooks to catch interest.

Description: A romantic instrumental track in the genre of corporate pop-rock, fond and affectionate in mood, well-suited for visual scenarios imbued with inspiration, relaxation, calm mellow idyllic moods.

Description: Emotional litght rock music track with drums, guitars, piano, brass, organ, bass and synths. It evokes many different feelings, both positive and negative. That is why you can use it in various media projects from romantic video to commercial.

Description: A light and lively pop track with great guitars and a driving groove.

Description: Funk Town 60 Sec. A groovy piece of upbeat and uptempo funk music straight from the 70s! Cool Wah Wah guitars, funky clavinets, groovy drums and cool brass and horn lines. Great for adverts, infomercials and to capture that authentic 70s funk vibe.

Description: Growing up too fast? Then this full vocal production track is what you need! An indie pop rock track that explodes out of the starting blocks with big killer guitar riffs and raw indie rock vocals. The lyrics constantly reference 'growing up' and the fact that your 'not 17 anymore'. The perfect track to place under visuals about growing up and moving on to college, or looking back on your youthful days with a smile! A great track to place underneath growing up or getting older based visuals, or for where you need the music to tell a story or support the visuals. This track comes with lyrics and various alternate mixes and cuts.

Description: A fast paced and frantic epic track perfect for a big sci fi style action track. Very 'cinematic' and full of big hollywood orchestral sounds. This track is huge, powerful, epic, and dynamic, perfect for action, battles, fight scenes, car chases, or any other high tempo high impact visual scenes!

Description: A big epic action dramatic piece of music 60 seconds in length. A scary and haunting piece of Horror / Thriller music with elements of murder, mystery, death, danger and suspense! Very Scary, tense and ominous with plenty of suspense and fear! A great piece of Horror / psychological thriller music for all your scary projects!