Description: High-energy pulsating percussive good-time dance groove-:60

Description: Hip funky and cool intro builds to ambient and determined disco groove-:60

Description: Light energetic repetitive atmospheric disco theme-:60

Description: Pulsating driving punchy ambient punctuated by female vox FX-:60

Description: Dreamy ambient laid-back introspective with a searing lead guitar in the style of Santana-:60

Description: Ambient mysterious psychedelic straight-ahead acid rock theme-:60

Description: Celebratory positive uptempo jangly straight-ahead 60's rock groove in the style of The Monkees-:60

Description: Bouncy positive jangly guitars purposeful beat reminiscent of The Beatles' ""Birthday""-Alternate

Description: Relaxed ambient psychedelic introspective Latin-flavored in the style of Santana-:60

Description: Uptempo psychedelic purposeful percussive-:60