Description: Building and driving with swells of hope and inspiration create a mood of optimism and determination.

Description: Energetic and heavy with edgy pulsing electric guitar and driving drums with a double time feel at 1:24 create an aggressive and bold mood.

Description: Heavy and dark with aggressive distorted guitar and odd metered riffs create an edgy and rebellious feel.

Description: Passionate and youthful punk guitars. Energetic and inspiring.

Description: Bright and driving with melodic electric guitar and organ in the style of Classic Rock creates a feel-good mood.

Description: Proud yet reflective with driving drums and electric guitar depict a scene of accomplishment and resolution.

Description: Energetic and upbeat with a driving drum backbeat creates an optimistic and eager mood.

Description: a somber and solemn introduction build to a driving and reflective feel.

Description: Hard and edgy with driving drum loops and distorted guitar create a high energy action packed extreme sports scene.

Description: Laidback and groovy retro surf rock with a carefree sound creating a party atmosphere.