Description: Energetic 80s movie classic rock theme with a bouncy beat-Promo

Description: Rock, Rock-Pop, Enthusiastic, Fun, Funky, Groovy, in a Exciting mood, featuring Guitar, Electric, Drums, Record Scratch, with a Mid tempo

Description: This heavy and aggressive piece is ideal in presentations that involve image and that target young people. The piece should be used in projects that address uniqueness or that involve pushing the human potential (ie sports).

Description: Need some head-banging music? This tune will drive you wild with its heavy beat and awesome guitar lick. Any presentation needing lots and lots of energy to drive home an idea or an image will make good use of this sound.

Description: A headbanger's delight, the energetic sound of this tune shreds and rips with a fast guitar riff. The bass bubbles underneath the beat and provides the urgent feel. This music is perfect for images or video that exhibit extreme sports or just about anythi.

Description: This visceral tune has a bad boy image, ideal for productions that have plenty of action scenes. The guitars wail and rage and seem out of control if it were not for slight hesitation of the drumbeat. The music can also be used to recall the hair bands fr.

Description: This sleek sound, a meld of futuristic electronic and rock elements, is ideal for productions promoting ideas that are ahead of their time. The electronic components are a little abrasive, giving an edge to the sound, while the drums provide an energetic.