Description: A trash can drum beat with bass and household sounds creates a cool vibe.

Description: A fun and uplifting track with Electric guitars, Drums and Bass

Description: A Upbeat electric guitar, bass drums and happy synth create an edgy rock song.

Description: A dramatic and intense futurist synth strings.

Description: An indie electric guitar opens up a melody drenched in reverb as the upbeat bass and dance like drums and synth play.

Description: An electric guitar with plenty of attitude plays a big riff as the drums and bass drive home this energetic track

Description: An upbeat dance track with a bright synth hook

Description: A bright electric guitar is joined with soft acoustic guitar, drums and bass to create a inspirational track

Description: An intense Bass and Synth noises open up as the drums play double time, creating a dramatic sounding track

Description: An acoustic, bass and drums track that creates a easy going, fun inspirational track.