Description: Hypnotic looped track, played on the continuous alternation of major and minor key, generating an indefinite suspension between melancholy and hope.

Description: Fast and funny surf guitar music patterned after Dick Dale. Great for spastic action, humorous ads, interstitials, or wacky animated transitions.

Description: Nine months have passed since I composed and released my last funk song (i.e. "Time 2 Go"). Since I'm in a musical mood this October, I figured I might as well give my fictional musician, Denzel Jyre, another day in the spotlight. This track was mostly influenced by the amazing soundtrack for "The House of the Dead: Overkill" as well as Jake Kaufman's remix of the theme for "Toejam & Earl." Once again, I hope this song proves useful to someone looking for a good funky tune to add to their work. Enjoy! --- PLEASE DO NOT USE AND/OR REDISTRIBUTE FOR PROFIT WITHOUT PERMISSION

Description: This is a 50s - 60s pop number, mostly based on a very popular chord progression of the day. It features some very breathy vocalizing near the end. It is suitable for retro moods of the 1950s and 1960s.

Description: his atmospheric and cinematic track starts off with a synth elements: suspenseful and disturbing sound design and dark electronic textures and semi-overdrived guitar sound. This almost sinister intro is then quickly followed by rhythmic and agressive dubstep drum beats and dark bass sound. Later introduces distorted guitar and orchestral strings. This dark and unique orchestration creates a tense and ominous vibe and makes this track suitable for all kinds of dramatic film and tv footage, suspenseful and mysterious visuals and cinematic contents.

Description: This hard rock music combines a heavy feel with a dark strong sound. The rhythmic distorted electric guitars pound while the bass and drums provide the power. This music is great for a wide variety of projects including action, tv, sports, drama, and more.

Description: Optimistic pop-rock track with clean guitars, rhythmic piano, bouncing bass, cool synths and dynamic kit.

Description: Edgy modern rock with big guitar riffs and roof shaking drumming.

Description: Light and introduction soft rock with clean guitars, cool synthesizers, bouncing bass and dynamic kit.

Description: A unique and melodic rock song with a constant progression