Description: Uplifting and positive pop/rock track. Driving electric guitars riffs. Perfect for presentations, advertising & Travel.

Description: Funny light music. The main instrument - the piano. Music in the style of pop-rock.

Description: Monster Drive is a powerful heavy rigid alternative track with distorted electric guitar riffs. Initially, the feeling of rocking. This Groove Metal Rock track with aggressive overdrive guitar.

Description: This motivating acoustic rock music combines a inspirational sound with beautiful soul. The harmonic guitar melodies dance over the piano while the bass and drums set the tone. This music works great for a wide variety of projects including corporate, ads, travel, television, and more.

Description: rockin country instrumental fun party type some sax, had claps, and piano

Description: Go just go just leave just get the hell out

Description: think evanescenece or eartha kitt. A woman in stilettos and leather extracting revenge on someone who has done her wrong and thought he won. SHe will walk over him with those stilletos and off into the moonlight

Description: Just got off work and Im looking to party. Women of all ages and sizes looking for a good time. just worked my 9-5, and I made it home alive, take off my shoes that pinch my feet, and undress quickly like a cat in heat, puttin on my favorite dress, something that is sure to impress, earrings makeup hair out the door in 5, and me the keys baby I want to drive" Fun country rockin crossover

Description: there is a 5-10 sec gap before it starts soft cymbal, then kicks in after the silence creepy music there are some water drop sounds as well heavy guitars piano line like evanescence