Description: A Distorted Drum and Bass groove jams out a cool track that has plenty of attitude

Description: A distorted busy bass line creates a tense groove as the smashing drums ring throughout the air.

Description: A retro sounding drums, bass and pumping synth melody

Description: A bright pad and happy marimba melody joined with light percussion

Description: A staying alive similar feel track

Description: An heavy distorted electric guitar is joined with an electronica loop and ambient pad to create an underground track

Description: A friendly rhodes piano opens up as the soft electric bass guitar plays a heartfelt melody.

Description: An upbeat tongue in cheek, indy rock Bass and electric guitar groove creates a new fresh track with plenty of attitude.

Description: A hillbilly strumming guitar plays along with a walking bass line as the tambourine slap along.

Description: A fun upbeat classic rock track with a slightly country twang electric guitar, drums and bass.