Description: This dramatic rock underscore combines building tension while being ominous and mysterious at the same time. The bold piano plays a powerful melody while the strong bass and distorted guitar adds the grunge. This music is perfect for a wide variety of applications including television, film, action, thriller, horror and more.

Description: Ambiental Rock with feel of Tension

Description: Light and romantic pop-rock track with a rhythmic piano, electric guitar, cool synths and percussion.

Description: Inspiring and uplifting pop rock track with an elegant electric guitar, synthesizer, piano, strings and percussion. Peaceful, dreamy and optimistic.

Description: Alternative Punch is a powerful heavy rigid alternative track with distorted electric guitar riffs. Initially, the feeling of rocking. This Groove Metal Rock track with aggressive overdrive guitar.

Description: Instrumental Hard Rock with Synth Guitar lead

Description: Beautiful, inspiring music based on emotional and сatchy guitar melodies and strumming guitar accompaniment.Creates an atmosphere of inspiration, hope and joy.This track is perfect for documentaries, photo slideshows, independent films, commercials, travel videos, nature videos and much more.

Description: Uplifting and introduction pop-rock track with massive layers of electric guitars, synths and piano.

Description: Catchy background track with a powerful rhythm and stylish guitar sound. Suitable for corporate projects and videos,broadcast productions and commercials.

Description: Powerful and uplifting composition,with  upbeat energetic  guitars , mixed style with the use of electronic and acoustic instruments. High powered, grand and energetic music for corporate video, website, advertising, TV show and other media projects.