Description: Specialty, Rock, Rock-1980'S, Rock-Classic Rock, Rock-Hard Rock, Rock-Heavy Metal, Rock-1970'S, Funky, Alluring, Bold, Brash, Carefree, Enthusiastic, Expressive, Feel Good, Light, Mellow, Pulsing, Intrigue, Flowing, Fresh, Vibrant, Warm, Swirling, in a Playful mood, featuring Guitar, Electric, with a Slow tempo

Description: Historic, Historic-1960'S, Rock, Rock-Classic Rock, Bright, Driving, Excited, Struttin, in a Energetic, Exciting mood, featuring Drums, Bass, Guitar, Electric, Synth, Strings, with a Fast, Mid tempo

Description: Short alternate version of ww800108.

Description: Extension of ww700110, the hymn melody played on piano and oboe with strings, resolved ending.

Description: This is my new, really motivational, aggressive and powerful, corporate pop rock loop music track (30 sec) with many bright instruments and confident mood – electric bright distortion driving guitars, synth bass, exciting rythmical drums, etc…This track can be used anywhere – as a musical background for websites, in flash action games and corporate video presentations, radio or tv news etc

Description: Rock, Rock-1960'S, Bold, Brash, Proud, in a Energetic mood, featuring Bass, Organ, Drums, Guitar, with a Mid tempo

Description: light, uplifting, inspiring, bright, happy, acoustic, rock, strings, refreshing, hopeful.