Description: The Mission Impossible theme on steroids...An unforgettable guitar lick rocks this beat combining elements of suspense and adventure. Use this tune to portray a bad-boy image and to spice up your production with anticipation.

Description: Rock, Funk, Rock-1970'S, Historic, Historic-1970'S, Mellow, Laid Back, Struttin, Relaxed, Loose, Alluring, Funky, Gothic, Smooth, Sexy, Old School, Confident, in a Confident mood, featuring Bass, Drums, Guitar, Electric, with a Mid, Slow tempo

Description: contemplative, triumphant, driving, layered guitars, rock, transformative, melodic, journey, intense, buidling, release.

Description: Rock, Rock-1960'S, Carefree, Passionate, Quirky, in a Happy mood, featuring Bass, Drums, Guitar, with a Mid tempo

Description: Specialty, Jazz, Blues, Active, Big, Bold, Bouncy, Jumpy, Majestic, Confident, Determined, Edgy, Driving, Dynamic, Expressive, Feel Good, Fun, Intense, Happy, Warm, Vibrant, Tribal, Strong, Punchy, Pulsing, Pleasant, in a Poignant, Prestigious mood, featuring Piano, Acoustic, with a Mid tempo

Description: Get down with this swamp rock slammer from the birthplace of the blues. Electric guitars, bass, drums.

Description: straight ahead american style rock vibe with horn section jabs and driving rhythm section.

Description: Anthemic guitar driven rock bumper with catchy rhythm lick ala MTV.

Description: Melodic signature from ww700090 on solo piano.