Description: An infectious groove and attitude are created with the guitar, bass and drums. The two contrasting riffs in this soundset keep the sound fresh and energetic. Use this sound in presentations that portray youth, health, persistence or anything that says “cu.

Description: Dark, aggressive and energetic, this sound slices its way through time with its pulsating bass line and heavy drums. Use this tune in presentations with lots of contrast and that make use of the ambient effect of the individual components.

Description: This tune evokes a sense of danger but as a result of a daring feat. Images of action involving extreme sports, skydiving or any bold activity come to mind. The guitar notes move only by a half-tone and, with the two contrasting drum sets, create this atm.

Description: A combination of rock, pop, and electronica elements reverberate in this modern, hypnotic sound. The synths create a sci-fi collage over a nice pop beat. Use this tune in an production that require elements of rave and industrial music.

Description: This grungy music could well be taken from a science fiction film set sometime in the future. There are a lot of ambient, electronic sounds that set a certain mood for an adventure. Use in a production that requires a dark, moody wall of sound perhaps for.

Description: Energetic and content, this lighthearted all-American tune is perfect for any presentation requiring some country music or a square dance feel. This tune could also be used in conjunction with a chase scene interjected with humor.

Description: Slinky and sassy, this tune captures the imagination with its funky guitar sounds. There is lots of playfulness here especially in the drums. Use this SoundSet in productions that need a unique, hip and unconventional sound.

Description: This track, composed of two sections, excites the imagination and takes the listener to a nocturnal scene that involves danger and adventure. The second section takes a more melodic approach and provides a stable contrast.

Description: This piece has a very cool sound mainly due to the Organ and Horns components. There are elements of jazz in this piece, making it more of a light rock piece. Its positive mood makes it ideal in presentations that are intended to make the viewers feel goo.

Description: Melodic signature from ww700090 on solo piano.