Description: A breath of bracing mountain air courses through this inspirational uplifting ode to the American Rockies. Electric guitars, bass, drums.

Description: The Mission Impossible theme on steroids...An unforgettable guitar lick rocks this beat combining elements of suspense and adventure. Use this tune to portray a bad-boy image and to spice up your production with anticipation.

Description: funky rock organ electric guitar and brass

Description: Rock - Retro - Straight ahead American style rock vibe with horn section jabs and driving lead guitar riffing. 125 BPM, Fast

Description: This nasty sound may be just what your production needs. The guitar punches out a groove above several rambunctious drum rhythms with a wailing synth in the background. Themes such as extreme sports or cutting-edge science fiction would benefit greatly fr.

Description: Jangly guitars purposeful beat ambient tone in the style of The Beatles-:30