Description: Angry, Daft Punk-like arpeggios open this dark and intense track. Simple, retro drum beats keep rhythm over vocals that are dark in nature, overdriven and auto-tuned in sound. Chorus is "Just listen to me."

Description: Dirty, gritty, fun funk with a rock flavor to it.

Description: Pre-wrapped for a teenage love scene, this chill, relaxed drum beat matched with arpeggiated guitar makes a lovely background palette.

Description: Lonesome, piano-driven song about escaping to the desert and death being around the corner.

Description: A song of longing and absence inspired by Springsteen. Talk of New York and lots of imagining what goes on there.

Description: College rock, Serge Gainsbourg influenced track about quirky daily life.

Description: Slowed-down folk rock features sax and clarinet, bass, drums, guitars, and a vibe that is reminiscent of 70's era southern rock. Song is about giving up alcohol after great struggle and tribulation, finding solace in someone you keep close.

Description: Piano and drum driven melancholy pop song about social anxiety disorder.

Description: Upbeat roots/folk rock song about someone working their way back into your life. Hooky, semi-poppy chorus.

Description: Gentle lullaby-like tune about the banal lives of saints, angels, and God.