Description: This piece has a heavy rhythm. The Synth component adds a bit of a romantic flavor. Presentations that need a dark sound or that involve dark colors or themes would work well with this piece.

Description: This heavy piece is not for the timid. It is to be used in presentations that wish to bring about change, shock the audience and declare revolution. The heavy drums and guitar may not be suitable for some listeners; however the piece has lots of energy an.

Description: This primal sound comes from the gut and helps to create an in-your-face effect. It is ideal for presentations that which to surprise or shock the audience. The sound is anything but conservative, making it ideal for those presentations that wish to break.

Description: Rock your production with this power-filled, attention-getting yet intelligent track. The music is made up of four sections, one of which is in calm contrast to the others. Naturally the track is heavy on the guitars; however it is peppered with some elec.

Description: The Mission Impossible theme on steroids...An unforgettable guitar lick rocks this beat combining elements of suspense and adventure. Use this tune to portray a bad-boy image and to spice up your production with anticipation.

Genres: Royalty Free Music , Modern Rock

Description: Powerful, intense, aggressive rock loop with distortion guitar riff and grooving drums. Good use for intro, logo, transition, background in modern projects, action scenes, films, videos, promotional, advertising and more. There are more loops and full track version in my portfolio. Please, look for "Motivational Rock". Thank you!

Description: Comprised of drum and bass, this piece has a great sensuous rhythm and can be used as a background beat for almost any presentation that requires a bit of energy. It may be especially useful with products such as designer clothing or fashion.

Description: This piece has a heavy rhythm and can be used in aggressive presentations or cutting-edge presentations that are meant to shock the audience. The sound is perfect for any presentation involving sports or motion such as skateboarding, roller-blading, etc.

Description: This tune starts quietly but then gets edgy with the introduction of the Bass component. This piece goes well with presentations with a lot of visual effects and extreme contrasts, mostly with still images.