Description: An expressive, light hearted pop rock number, indie style, featuring excellent male vocals, dulcimer lead lines over a bouncy fun retro beat and tight rhythm section. Chorus shouts. A tightly constructed original track for underscores, film, tv, radio play, video, night life, in store, phone on hold, Male Vocals, Indie Rock,

Description: A happy upbeat alternate indie pop song, top hit, featuring charming female vocals, solid in the pocket groove from piano, guitar bass & drums. Catchy dulcimer riffs, natural feel, airy light, tightly constructed, very musical, excellent backing for film, tv, radio, video, variety media productions

Description: A bold & powerful rock solid tight pop track featuring strong heartfelt emotional female RnB vocals, a heroic electric guitar solo, a solid rhythm section & super bluesy riffs. Fresh & fashionable, this bright musical number is for radio play, or commercial applications in a variety media production

Description: An upbeat, positive & motivational track featuring a solid quietly burning bass, drum, & electric guitar rhythm section with a hip retro groove under a mysterious synth melody & lush, sensuous female vocal stylings. For tv, radio, film, multimedia projects needing an uplifting intense ambience. Female Vocals, Pop

Description: A spirited classic rocking jam session with a retro 1960’s feeling, featuring electric guitar & bass, a tight studio drum kit, and an Nouveaux 60s Organ. Tie dyed shirts, flowers in your hair. Groovy good music for video & film music background, fun party music keeping the crowd on the dance floor. Instrumental, Rock, Classic Rock

Description: A raw and edgy power rock trio track featuring a sharp electric guitar, thick plucky bass, and old school funky drumming. Good solid down to earth sounds similar to pulp, dark and indie movie backgrounds. Radio ready for all media projects: tv, film, radio, video. Instrumental, Indie Rock, Indie Rock

Description: A powerful vocal-driven commercial alternative House pop track inspired by the likes of Sam Feldt & Calvin Harris. This solid pop rock song features a heavy backbeat, a stunning glamour style electric guitar break, strong melodic themes. Top level radio ready production for all media video projects, Male Vocals, Rock, Pop Rock

Description: An upbeat and positive refreshing track with an easy pop rock beat and a variety of happy feel good melody. Features an acoustic guitar, female vocal shouts, muted trumpet, and an array of elegant synths. Useful for Films, TV, Radio, all media projects where a good general feeling is needed. Female Vocals, Pop Music, Easy Listening

Description: A high octane, hard core in your face action movie type progressive rock track. Features fast fingers guitar runs, power drumming, uplifting sweep, synths, slap bass. Great for projects involving crime scenes, danger lurking behind every corner, suspense, thrillers, cop shows, xtreme sports, fantasy

Description: In Bb major 110 bpm. Good medium groove for your project or for voice overs or introductions. Will loop seamlessly, make sure to import tempo info for proper syncing.