Description: Rock piece that can be used in series or movie, especially if you need to define a character – cool confident man, a killer or a savior conversely. Male voice adds some personality and indifferent mood of the character. In this creative work we used guitars, bass, drums, percussion, piano and synths. And male voice of course.

Description: Distorted guitars, powerful drums, and many different ambiences in a song that can be used also as a long loop.

Description: Light rock composition with romantic mood. The piece is all about love, affection, care and deep feelings. Feel the comfort of being in the arms of the person you love. The beautiful track will sound especially good in a romantic video, wadding project, love story. The instruments here are drums, bass, guitars, piano and synths.

Description: Quirky instrumental 1960s style R&B rock n’ roll.

Description: Great piece to illustrate the workout routine with heavy weights, cross-fit training, extreme sport competition. Full of energy rock music track that motivates. The main instruments here are guitars, bass, drums, percussion, strings and synths. Feel your inner force.

Description: purposeful driven pop alternative theme bed with driving guitar strum and riffing.

Description: 1960s style garage rock with male vocal.

Description: Let it be another gorgeous day of your life! The rock track is quite optimistic and inspiring. Edgy melody will work in road movie, vlog, commercial and more. The positive melody was created with drums, bass, guitars, synths and e.organ.