Description: Dramatic, downtempo, organ/guitar composition, with sad, wailing guitar solo, reminiscent of classic Clapton.

Description: Rock composition featuring drums, guitar and bass. Catchy and groovy, it will give energy boost to your projects, no matter if it is a sports video, commercial or cinematic trailer.

Description: Amy Whinehouse, Duffy, Peggy Lee, Alabama Shakes, sexy female vocals, bluesy rock like White Stripes, fuzz guitar, blues, alternative, Cat Power, Janis Joplin

Description: Med Slow Groovy, Sexy, Hard Guitars, Drums, Vocals Sheryl Crow, Stones, Kelly Clarkson

Description: Laidback with a gritty funk groove, in the style of James Brown with a vintage feel and elements of Blaxploitation.

Description: Dramatic 1960s style instrumental garage rock groove. Sexy & powerful!

Description: A blisteringly heavy guitar riff collides with a solid backbeat shot through with guitar solos and screaming feedback. Extreme sports viewing, car chases or a trip to hell and energy sports,Crank it up,

Description: This is very inspiring and uplifting composition,with upbeat guitar chords,bright strings and bells. Positive,optimistic and energetic music for business, ideal background for corporate video, website, advertising, TV show and other media projects.

Description: Mixture of a hard 80’s metal jam with some modern rock n roll.

Description: Pushy aggressive speed metal with a refreshing solo. Suitable for video and games.