Description: Hard, edgy rhythm section with wild drum breaks and synth solo.

Description: Energetic, upbeat modern transition featuring electric guitar.

Description: Alternate version of ww200021 at 120 BMP.

Description: Modern drums and percussion rhythm.

Description: Hip, Rock Comic Soul Drums Bass Percussion Brass Up-tempo.

Description: Far, Hard Strange Urban Rock FX Drums Bass Up-tempo.

Description: Energetic, driving rock track with heavy guitar riffs.

Description: A strong, powerful and punchy song. Enables our desire to compete and win, to feel successful and happy with the victories. Upon hearing the first notes, a force invades you and drives you to be the winner. Ideal for advertising or projects where it is required that the music is strength and personality to motivate and activate the listener. 60 sec version

Description: An intensely powerful epic pop rock number, top hit, featuring strong male vocals, rock star guitar lead lines over solid pumping beat of piano guitar bass drums. Superb club feel, strong house beat, tightly constructed & very musical an excellent backing for film, tv, radio, video, workout video. Male Vocals, Indie Rock, Alt Rock