Description: Dense and spacey rock with strange instrumentation and effects.

Description: Raucous and fun theme with rhythm section, electric guitar, synth, etc.

Description: Mysterious intro into hard driving electronic adventure theme.

Description: Rock Pop Drama Jazz Hip Industrial Heavy Medium Up-tempo Human Confident Strong Strange Hard Raucous Reckless Loud Harsh Dark Electric Piano Synthesizer Drums Bass Brass Horns Percussion Action Mystery Transition Interlude Background Intro Urban Night Travelling Moving Party Young Ethnic Contemporary Television TV Radio Movies Stylish Films.

Description: Rock Pop Soul Hip Electronic Light Moderate Medium Up-tempo Friendly Human Happy Happiness Positive Confident Humorous Funny Synthesizer Organ Drums Bass Action Interlude Background Comic Comedy Urban Night Travelling Moving American Contemporary Modern Television TV Radio Movies Films.

Description: Modern alt rock theme with synth, acoustic and electric guitars.

Description: Moody, dreamy electric piano background with orchestra.

Description: Bright and positive rhythm section piece with light orchestra.

Description: Rock Pop Ethnic Moderate Medium Up-tempo Romantic Exotic Human Positive Confident Strong Strength Hard Passionate Action Passion Urban Night Travelling Moving Party Ethnic Contemporary Television TV Radio Movies Advertizing Stylish Films.