Description: An instrumental rock ballad with piano, keyboard, electric guitar, electric bass guitar, and drums - angsty and intense.

Description: Classic Hard Rock With a modern sound

Description: Straight ahead American style rock jangle vibe with legato guitar riffing.

Description: 60 second mix of punchy bass, drums, guitars and organ repeat driving a/b parts. suggested for urban club scene.

Description: Electronic rock music: modern electronic pads and synth, action drums, and overdrive guitar. Good use for sports video, action scenes and battles, motivational presentations, game, driving movie and any projects needing a strong emotional mood.

Description: Upbeat and building with driving electric guitar and drums create an optimistic and energetic mood.

Description: Dark and gritty with a pulsing electronic groove and synth textures create a hypnotic mood.

Description: This positive track has a great uplifting and joyful mood. It is perfect for corporate and business presentations, advertisements, commercials, news broadcasts, podcasts, TV and radio shows.

Description: Dynamic Hard Rock song with powerful groove, edgy guitars, piano, strings and male vocals.

Description: Hard Rock song with powerful groove, edgy guitars, dramatic strings and male vocals.