Description: A slow-building, dramatic, instrumental rock song with big dramatic strings. Perfect for high-action sports clips or action sequences!

Description: Epic rock track with guitars, synth and piano.

Description: Rock, Rock-Modern Rock, Hi Energy, Heavy, Driving, Aggressive, in a Aggressive, Powerful, Energetic mood, featuring Drums, Synth, Guitar, Electric, with a Mid tempo

Description: Drama, Drama-Action, Drama-Adventure, Rock, Rock-Modern Rock, Rock-Pop, Hi Energy, Futuristic, Fun, Feel Good, Expressive, Excited, Wild, Driving, Dangerous, Active, in a Aggressive, Exciting mood, featuring Bass, Drums, Guitar, Electric, with a Mid tempo

Description: A Brit Pop anthem, instrumental with a lot of electric guitar for corporate project, action video or cinematic project.

Description: Rock, Rock-Modern Rock, Driving, in a Energetic mood, featuring Drums, Hi Hat, Snare, Guitar, Electric, with a Fast tempo

Description: Rock, Rock-1990'S, Rock-Modern Rock, Rock-Hard Rock, Active, Action, Aggressive, Bold, Big, Bouncy, Adventure, Confident, Determined, Dramatic, Driving, Dynamic, Punchy, Pulsing, Proud, Quirky, Expressive, Feel Good, Swirling, Struttin, Strong, Intense, Hi Energy, Groovy, Traveling, Flowing, in a Adventurous, Aggressive, Confident, Energetic, Powerful, Happy mood, featuring Bass, Drums, Guitar, Electric, with a Mid, Fast tempo

Description: classic rock song with anthemic chorus.

Description: An instrumental rock ballad with piano, ebow, electric guitar, electric bass guitar, and drums - beautiful, eerie, haunting, and intense.