Description: balade rock au rythme moyen appuyé par une double batterie, guitare solo au milieu du titre

Description: Dark and gritty with a pulsing electronic groove and synth textures create a hypnotic mood.

Description: Modern rock groove featuring many mood changes.

Description: epic rock tale about love lost and the confusion that goes with it.

Description: A rock trio song with great intense vocals and a good hook with background noises and trippy elements.

Description: Edgy, distorted and heavy with gritty electronic textures and driving drum loops create an aggressive feel.

Description: Hard-hitting Hard Rock track with powerful groove, edgy guitars and dramatic strings.

Description: An instrumental rock ballad with piano, keyboard, electric guitar, electric bass guitar, and drums - angsty and intense.

Description: The petty game of high school popularity. Genre: rock | Subject: high school, drama, popularity | Instruments: piano, keyboard, synth, guitar, electric guitar, bass guitar, electric bass guitar | Mood: angsty, intense

Description: Throbbing, pulsating heavy rock guitar riff, very intense perfect for horror, suspense, erotic, thriller or mystery scenes... Think Nine Inch Nails meets Steve Vai...

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