Description: Guitar driven ethereal delay-laden pop alternative vibe with strong rhythm lick ala U2.

Description: Intense music track featuring powerful drums, driving bass, and twin rock guitars in harmony. Perfect for commercial video production, background music, YouTube channel and more!

Description: A strong, powerful and punchy song. Enables our desire to compete and win, to feel successful and happy with the victories. Upon hearing the first notes, a force invades you and drives you to be the winner. Ideal for advertising or projects where it is required that the music is strength and personality to motivate and activate the listener. 60 sec version

Description: Powerful Electro Rock minute with bass - E-Guitar unison, Groovy drums, and ultra expressive synths. Tighten your seatbelts! Perfect for motor sports, competitions, road trips and advertisement topic with a sense a power, winning spirit and confidence. Anything with adrenalin really…

Description: Energizing and exciting 60 seconds instrumental Funk Rock,music. Strong and intense with soulful electric guitar riffs and dance beat. Hot, inspirational and dynamic. Great as indie soul opening, intro and tv spot, teen dramatic scenes, free urban spirit, radio rock jingles, trailers and modern city life feel.

Description: Upbeat and heavy with Surf Rock elements, solo electric guitar and rhythmically driving drums create an energetic mood.

Description: Upbeat and building with driving electric guitar and drums create an optimistic and energetic mood.

Description: Driving and bouncy with jazzy horns, electric guitar and driving drums create an optimistic and happy mood.

Description: Call and answer guitar riffs with a quirky sensibility. Shuffling snare and virtuoso guitar performance.

Description: Heavy and energetic with aggressive electric guitar and driving drums creates a bold and rebellious mood.

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