Description: Med Driving, Powerful, Hard Guitars, Synths, Drums 9 inch nails

Description: Themed Rock instrumental featuring various electric guitars. Possible uses can range from set up scenes, commercials, trailers, etc.

Description: Melodic intro leads to dramatic uptempo metal rocker with nice break for bass runs.

Description: Hard Rock / Modern Rock music with lots of energy that can be used for motivation, party related videos or websites, video games, extreme sports, or any energetic intent for videos, website, advertising. The song starts with bass and pounding drums, then electric guitar comes in. There are multiple rhythm changes.

Description: Rock Instrumental featuring a semi-dramatic opening build up. Possible uses can range from songs, web videos, trailers, etc.

Description: Modern industrial metal track made using a lot synth and fx sounds. Will be perfect for computer games like FPS , RTS, racing simulators, suitable for action movie or military thematic videos.

Description: Fun instrumental alternative-grunge-roots-classic rock.

Description: A good Old Rock and Roll Ballad...Featuring lots of 80's metal guitar and a big hairdo

Description: "Wild With It" - Bad dudes with the bad breaks and blood boiling guitars. Cool music for cool car spots. Slinky, slightly edgy pieces, equally inspired by the tense and cool street-smart style soundtrack. Breakbeat with funky bass line, overdrive guitars, and lively percussion for a sleekly organic sound. A slammin' marriage of hard tasty breakbeats and big chunky guitar riffs giving you attitude, edge and drive. Excellent as a powerful backing to your sites, animations, films or any projects you have.

Description: Heavy and dark with gritty electric guitar and driving drums create a foreboding and rebellious mood.