Description: Very energetic metal music track that really fills you with energy. Exciting powerful piece can be used as a background for video about summer or winter extreme sports, rally, drift, fighting. Drums, guitar, synthesizer make you feel adrenaline rush.

Description: This hardcore metal music combines power and energy to create a dark and heavy sound. The aggressive electric guitars scream while the action packed drums pound out an energetic rhythm. This music is perfect for a wide variety of apps including extreme sports, action, tv, and more.

Description: Pushy aggressive speed metal with a refreshing solo. Suitable for video and games.

Description: West coast thrash metal instrumental featuring Stacey Blades on guitar.

Description: Heavy and dark with gritty electric guitar and driving drums create a foreboding and rebellious mood.

Description: Rock, Rock-1980'S, Rock-1990'S, Rock-Heavy Metal, Active, Action, Aggressive, Bold, Big, Brash, Building, Driving, Dynamic, Expressive, Explosive, Pulsing, Punchy, Flowing, Heavy, Hi Energy, Intense, Intrigue, Warm, Vibrant, Strong, in a Aggressive, Confident, Energetic, Powerful mood, featuring Bass, Drums, Guitar, Electric, with a Mid, Fast tempo

Description: Rock, Rock-1990'S, Rock-Heavy Metal, Active, Action, Aggressive, Agitated, Alienating, Big, Bold, Brash, Loud, Menacing, Ominous, Determined, Driving, Dynamic, Edgy, Expressive, Flowing, Struttin, Strong, Raunchy, Punchy, Pulsing, Hi Energy, Intense, Heavy, in a Powerful, Energetic, Confident, Aggressive mood, featuring Bass, Drums, Guitar, Electric, with a Fast, Mid tempo

Description: Rock, Rock-1980'S, Classical, Rock-Heavy Metal, Classical-Pop, Excited, Heavy, Hi Energy, Aggressive, Contemporary, in a Adventurous, Exciting, Fun, Powerful mood, featuring Guitar, Electric, Drums, Keyboard, Piano, with a Fast tempo

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