Description: driving 6-8 rhythm and overdriven guitar set up this song from its outset. distorted bass and powerful drums compliment the dark mood.

Description: Super laid-back and relaxed, this funky blues rock loop is a total chill-fest with lots of musical hooks to catch interest.

Description: Wah pedal sucks you in with this break-infused funk-rock track. Mid-tempo with a high energy level, this loop has a lot to offer your project.

Description: Immediately pulling you into a cool groove, this funky rock loop has slightly gritty guitars and drums, with a nice guitar lead that is a real ear worm.

Description: Fast and tumbling, building on a short, funky guitar riff, this rock, funk loop has slightly overdriven guitars with cool bass-lines, bouncy, drums, and a driving feel that will add energy to your project.

Description: Wet, wah pedal bass & guitars mixed with walking drums make a head bobbing track perfect for your project that needs a groove to round it out.

Description: Overdriven guitar open this up into a funky, blues-inspired guitar. Contrapuntal guitar and bass-lines interweave into a cool, funky soup of energy.

Description: Wah guitar and hi hats open this spacious, open, head-bobbing, funky loop. Lead guitar and a natural, bouncy, drum beat drives it along and keeps interest going.

Description: Clean guitar with space starts this funk rock loop that is driven by funky drums and a catchy lead guitar riff. Slight 70s era feel to it, a la Bay City Rollers.

Description: Funk blues guitar riff drives this deep-groove loop, with aggressive drums and a bouncy feel it sets a cool, laid-back vibe, but still with plenty of energy to move it along.

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