Description: Elegant, soft, uplifting and positive, this folk acoustic track is a beautiful blend of guitars, piano, drums and bass. It's a dreamy and inspiring track that is great as background music to summertime or autumn visuals that requires a touch of tenderness, joy and softness or even upbeat productions that need a feel-good vibe that takes you on a journey.

Description: A southern country metal experience! mean guitars and heavy drums!

Description: Aggressive Driving Heavy Loud Loose Confident Energetic

Description: An instrumental rock breakbeat track perfect for situations depicting racing, marathon, hurrying, or competition.

Description: Psychedelic Rock Blues Track in the Style of Led Zeppelin in the Key of E

Description: A poppy rock song with loud melodic guitars, bass, steady moving drum beat, and a little bit of piano. Simple modern pop rock background music that feels happy, optimistic, wistful, positive, and upbeat.

Description: 80s hair metal instrumental featuring Stacey Blades on guitar.

Description: Breezy and earthy depict a Country/Western scene with slide electric guitar and driving drums.