Description: Upbeat, Fun and joyfull Pop Rock track. Friends style TV theme. A very happy whistle melody and a nice groove. Featuring electric guitars, bass and drums. Great for TV Theme tunes, websites, DVD's and reality tv, corporate, sports, beach party, teens tweens, families kids. Happy lucky vibes.

Description: Swampy and Beautiful Folk and Contemporary Fingerpicked Guitar and groovy band. Perfect for media applications dealing with subjects of outdoors, rustic, wilderness, country, backwoods, ambiant soundtracks, films, TV, documentary, indie, research and historical settings. Instrumental, Folk music.

Description: Fresh, funky and catchy track. Quirky, crazy and kitschy performed on wha clavinet, organ, percussion, bass and drums. ideal for lifestyle, kids, comdey and home improvement shows. Light, bright, funky, reggae and funny. Relaxed and chilled vibe through-out! instrumental

Description: Fresh, cool and simple track. Emotional, comforting, hopeful and positive performed on wha guitar, piano, percussion, bass and drums. ideal for lifestyle, kids, comedy and home improvement shows. Light, bright, acoustic, reggae and funny. Relaxed and chilled vibe through-out! instrumental

Description: Gentle, emotional piano and acoustis band instrumental perfect for underscoring and highlighting romantic & peaceful images & on screen feelings. Tune full of love, faith, romance, peacefulness, nostalgic and melancholic. Can also fit media applications, soup opera, natural history, travel channel

Description: Stirring and melancholic pop/rock track. acoustic guitars and rock band taking you on a nostalgic journey. Beautifully tender song with warm guitar melodies, the feel of Gustavo Cerati. Inspiring! Perfect for all media including Commercials, TV, Promos & Film. Very positive and uplifting.

Description: Epic, rousing indie rock instrumental. The melody is played by an electric piano and featuring acoustic guitar, organ, bass and drums. Can be used to bring a sense of building excitement, energy and wonder to scenes. Emotional and heartfelt song about losing someone who is close to you. joe cocker !

Description: Bouncy piano with rhodes melody meets an alternative rock sound, creating a very positive and uplifting energy. Fun party scenes, city lights, life is good, car commercials, feel good movies, positive, motivational music. Great soundtrack for commercials, advertising and television themes.

Description: Emotional Slow Rock Instrumental with pad intro, acoustic guitar, bass, and drums. It's reflective and a little somber and serious. Influenced by Gustavo cerati. Clean and crisp. This song is perfect for Dramatic Soundtrack. This full band mid-tempo beauty is driving yet peaceful and tender.