Description: Beats and pulsations, along with an obsessive bass and various synths, are the sound carpet on which stands the electric guitar, with his powerful and majestic solo.

Description: Uplifting and positive track, between pop and folk ambience. Pulses, beats, and a great violin in the second part. Good vibrations for your videos and media projects.

Description: Hypnotic looped track, played on the continuous alternation of major and minor key, generating an indefinite suspension between melancholy and hope.

Description: Experimental track, with metal and jazz influences. Great vivacity and pulsations for all projects that require energy, positivity and inspiration.

Description: Rhythm and vibrations. Great solo electric guitar on a pulsating texture. Pure energy for your projects.

Description: Pop rock track, psychedelic and progressive character, with flavors of Indian music. Wonderful sitar at the beginning and end of the song, while the central part develops a majestic symphonic pop rock. Suitable for clips, movies, documentaries, as the theme song or sound commentary for particular scenes.

Description: "Mira sidera clara lumina coeli. Mira sidera coeli spectaculum mysteri. Cadunt sidera Lacrimae mundi" I have put in music these my few verses in Latin, to celebrate the majesty of the night sky and shooting stars. This is a complex and powerful suite. Perfect soundtrack to accompany movies very long also, with a magical, majestic and hypnotical atmosphere.

Description: Loop full of beats and pulsations, energetic and vital. Exactly like an injection of vitamin B 12, to give vitality to your projects and videos.

Description: Loop progressive style, majestic and melancholic, with dominant synths and electric guitar. Cinematic, great ambience.

Description: Looped track with relentless pace from which emerges the instrumental counterpoint between electric guitar and saxophones. Vitality and pure energy for ypur listening pleasure.