Description: 90's Progressive Dance Funky Catchy Vocals

Description: "Mira sidera clara lumina coeli. Mira sidera coeli spectaculum mysteri. Cadunt sidera Lacrimae mundi" I have put in music these my few verses in Latin, to celebrate the majesty of the night sky and shooting stars. This is a complex and powerful suite. Perfect soundtrack to accompany movies very long also, with a magical, majestic and hypnotical atmosphere.

Description: Pink Floyd meets the Trans Siberian Orchestra describes this epic piece. Begins with spacy strings and mysterious piano work, then explodes into a hot rock guitar melody. It goes through many twists and moods sounding much like a movie soundtrack. Its dark lyrics it will transport you to another world.

Description: rock, space, psychedelic, experimental, trip, lsd

Description: Rock Vocals Guitar Vocal Electric Male Mid

Description: Dramatic, violent introduction followed by an instrumental somewhere between early Pink Floyd and Yes.

Description: Progressive rock song with a lot of different moods and changes in it ending with rock guitar solo. Song for many projects.

Description: Rock Vocals Guitar Vocal Electric Male Mid

Description: A few pieces, a few styles of music in one song. Starting from scary, hunted ghost like whispering intro than orchestra with percussion and nice smooth melody to progressive guitar driven rock song with nice grove. One song for many projects.

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