Description: Draws you in very cautiously to the mind of our hero, and takes you for a beautiful path in his shoes with dramatic guitar riffs that stretch out with such a happy epic. Unbelievably well written film music! You have definitley got to give your head a chance to hear this! :) By Silence In Central Park.

Description: A very beautifully written indie rock piece... would work so perfectly in a tv series or just background music for a television show. Also great for romantic comedies in the film music area. In any regards it is a definite must hear! By Silence In Central Park.

Description: rock song about relationship.

Description: This song is in indie rock style. The mood is dramatic, melancholic, sad and meditative. There is a depression. Instruments used are electric guitar, acoustic guitar, synth organ, synthesizer and male vocal.

Description: Powerful Rock Ballad performed by "Heavy Blues Tools" Acoustic and electric guitars and catchy melodies

Description: Ligth rock song about tha nature. Male vocals, strings, electro guitar

Description: Dark, dramatic orchestral piano driven song about nostalgia. Good substitute for Florence and the Machine or the Dresden Dolls.

Description: Cool alternative rock, introspective, sensitive

Description: Driving atmospheric indie rock. Dramatic, building & powerful! Think dream pop, shoegaze & space rock...,

Description: Britpop is back! A mash up of Oasis meets Blur with this typical mid 1990メs Britpop track. Lots of pop guitars, soaring chorus line, e.t.c. Great for your documentaries, films, corporate films, e.t.c.

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