Description: Draws you in very cautiously to the mind of our hero, and takes you for a beautiful path in his shoes with dramatic guitar riffs that stretch out with such a happy epic. Unbelievably well written film music! You have definitley got to give your head a chance to hear this! :) By Silence In Central Park.

Description: An indie-rock track featuring garage rock guitars with rocking drums and bass - this version of the song features guitars with a touch of blues. Hot, fun, wild - energetic, driving, pounding - Guaranteed to pump up any production commercial or film.

Description: Upbeat driving indie rock. Great distorted guitar driving the song. Like navigating through a dream...

Description: Cool spacey indie rock. Great night driving music!

Description: Super catchy pop/rock tune with distorted chugging Cars like guitars, Casio keyboard sounds, hooky male vocals and female harmonies. Would be perfect for road trips, driving, relaxed party scenes.

Description: Electric guitars and a cool drum groove comprise this laid back, yet "something is going on" track.

Description: Driving atmospheric upbeat indie rock. Has a fun 'head bobbing' beat !

Description: An uplifting and positive indie pop rock track, featuring catchy rhythm guitars, modern pop synth melodies and grooving bass and beats. Perfect to add a bit of indie sunshine to videos, YouTube videos, commercials and other presentations.

Description: funky guitar riffs, driving bass and drums.

Description: A very beautifully written indie rock piece... would work so perfectly in a tv series or just background music for a television show. Also great for romantic comedies in the film music area. In any regards it is a definite must hear! By Silence In Central Park.

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