Description: Verses are sparse and choruses soar. Quirky, but friendly and easily likable instrumental.

Description: A very steady tempo and delivery that builds with cello and layering of instruments and melodic elements.

Description: This has track has the feel of an Irish folk song that becomes a rock song. It is power folk complete with fiddles and the sound of bagpipes created by cellos and electric guitars.

Description: This track feels happy and moving like a Saturday morning full of sunshine, activity and promise. Features cello, hook laden guitars and infectious percussion.

Description: Steady rhythm of drums and acoustic guitar with clean electric guitar and organ create a very happy and pleasant folk rock backing track.

Description: Big drums and guitars with chorus of vocals. Blistering speed guitar lead.

Description: Sounds friendly and happy, upbeat with acoustic guitar that pushes the infectious rhythm.

Description: This track moves even though it feels relaxed. The guitars are accentuated by the bells.

Description: Sounds like adult contemporary except for the unique melodic elements and sounds. Smooth, but quirky.

Description: Sounds happy and light with a moving bass part and melodic guitars at the break. Clean funky electric drives the rhythm.

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