Description: Bouncy and exciting rhythm guitar track with strings and backing band. Has cool stops and starts, very driving.

Description: Angry, Daft Punk-like arpeggios open this dark and intense track. Simple, retro drum beats keep rhythm over vocals that are dark in nature, overdriven and auto-tuned in sound. Chorus is "Just listen to me."

Description: Pre-wrapped for a teenage love scene, this chill, relaxed drum beat matched with arpeggiated guitar makes a lovely background palette.

Description: Bouncy, upbeat piece with simplistic changes. Features a lo-fi break towards the end.

Description: Simple violin begins this track in 3/4 time. It travels from breakbeat to indie rock, ending in a big finish in the vein of Animal Collective or Panda Bear.

Description: Intense and dirty, distorted, grungy guitars move a mid-tempo track forward, while a bed of cello strengthens the powerful drums.

Description: Dark, western-flavored, indie instrumental. Thundering drums and angry guitars drive odd meter riffs.