Description: An infectious walking bass line that is as jazzy as it is funky, and a drum pattern that swings on the hi-hat and ride cymbals but has a hip hop feel on the kick and snare, is what drives the bulk of the groove in this song. Piano keys, saxophones, and electric guitars fill up what may seem to be an overcrowded song, in a very harmonious and purposeful way. The lyrics speak of one who feels, for his own personal reasons, that it is absolutely imperative that he arrive at a certain place and time. A place where he unwanted, late for, and far away from.

Description: Insistent guitars and a driving rhythm section create rock defiance befitting both Seattle and Detroit.

Description: Beautiful nylon guitar plucking accompanied by a catchy vocal melody headline this track. Background sounds of a still organ and light percussion add the appropriate ambience. The song speaks of one's complete surrender to someone greater.

Description: The song is carried by a jazz rhythm on the hi-hat, though that is the only thing jazzy about it. Clean guitars plucking careful melodies along with a ghostly choir create a pleasant and almost ceremonial atmosphere. The song takes the listener through a timeline of when the writer experienced deep, emotional and mental anguish.

Description: Trip hop music track in Bristol sound style. A bit misterious calm piece featuring guitars, piano, strings, bass, drums and synths. Can be used as background music or soundtrack for your projects.

Description: An alternative indie guitar based song with a constant uptempo groove and mysterious piano passages.

Description: An upbeat electrorock epic sure to leave the listener feeling charged up and motivated

Description: A beautiful ambient soft rock song with a huge epic bridge

Description: Groovy, raw Rock track with solid beat and edgy guitars.

Description: Rock oriented driving, percussive track.