Description: Light rock, positive and energetic 15s loop short music with corporate mood. Great for slideshows, presentation,summer season advertising video.Strong drums, live bass, driving guitars and vocals.Nice for computer games and movies, as a musical background, business websites.

Description: Inspiring and positive pop rock track featuring energetic guitars, uplifting guitar solo and modern indie sound. 121BPM, D. Thanks for listening, rating and purchasing-)

Description: Inspirational and upbeat indie rock background music features electric guitars, guitar harmonics, acoustic guitar, bass, live recorded drums, and piano highlights. Perfect for any positive and fun media project, corporate and business videos, presentations, web, vlog, film, advertising and animations that have an upbeat, fun, pop punk, exciting, good time, happy, and successful scenes. 135BPM, E.

Description: This track is written in a indie-rock genre and is perfect for many projects media , creating videos, background music, YouTube videos , corporate videos, business video production, advertising and much more

Description: Super poppy slacker indie rock with shiny guitar leads, farfisa organ and handclap drums.

Description: Insistent guitars and a driving rhythm section create rock defiance befitting both Seattle and Detroit.

Description: A beautiful epic soft rock song with motivational lyrics and airy instrumentation

Description: Sixties, seventies music to the current sauce, influenced by the Black Keys, Jack White and The Doors. A blues-rock song with guitars, a touch of retro keyboards and at the front the Slide guitar and a catchy pop melody.

Description: A positive, strong, and driving song for a modern indie rock band with full overdriven and distortion electric guitars. This piece is uplifting, hopeful, and motivating. Perfect for projects needing bright, warm, and joyful music, with a little extra grit!

Description: Electric guitars and a cool drum groove comprise this laid back, yet "something is going on" track.