Description: drums, bass, and guitars - modern rock. starts with drum sequence and guitar, then drum kit and 2nd guitar kick it up a notch.

Description: Rock oriented driving, percussive track.

Description: Mid tempo alternative Rock instrumental.

Description: A lightly building introduction leads to heavy electric guitar lines in the style of 1980's rock creating a mood of optimism and resolution.

Description: Dirty, in-the-pocket rock groove. Bold riffs and thick guitars.

Description: Gritty garage rock theme featuring distorted bass and beefy riffs.

Description: Mid to uptempo rock underscore. Driving and in your face. A Challenge met.

Description: Insistent guitars and a driving rhythm section create rock defiance befitting both Seattle and Detroit.

Description: Mid tempo grinder with a thick wall of guitars and an aggressive edge.

Description: This is my new, really motivational, aggressive powerful hard rock driving dance 1 min music track with strong guitar riff and extreme sport show action mood, with bright distortion driving guitar, bass, exciting rythmical energetic drums, etc…This track can be used anywhere – as a musical background for websites, in flash action games and corporate video, football soccer computer games, sport radio or tv news etc…Enjoy and thanks for buying!:)

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