Description: An uplifting and positive indie pop rock track, featuring catchy rhythm guitars, modern pop synth melodies and grooving bass and beats. Perfect to add a bit of indie sunshine to videos, YouTube videos, commercials and other presentations.

Description: Powerful, raw Rock track with solid beat and edgy guitars.

Description: Smooth but punchy guitars expressing tensions and resolutions. This song can be heard hints of various styles, from pop to indie. Perfect as background music or slide show.

Description: Driving drums and electric guitar in this track for crazy fun.

Description: Upbeat driving indie rock. Great distorted guitar driving the song. Like navigating through a dream...

Description: Edgy and powerful Rock track with solid groove and driving guitars.

Description: Raw, Crunchy, Guitar Driven Rock. Theme for a Bad Girl/Boy character. Criminal Activities.

Description: Cool spacey indie rock. Great night driving music!

Description: Rock oriented driving, percussive track.

Description: Upbeat and uplifting Indie Rock music track. Perfect for commercials, advertising, TV, YouTube, summer videos, marketing campaigns, TV ads and more. Featuring : Electric guitars, bass and drums.

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