Description: Instrumental hard rock/heavy metal

Description: Hard, edgy rock version of the famous Australian folk tune, with guitars, brass and rhythm section.

Description: Action music, Car chase, Fast pace music Suits for rapid change of events 140 BPM, key: E Enjoy!

Description: Another variation on a theme from ww100023, hard.

Description: David Bowie meets Steve Vai meets Nine Inch Nails...

Description: Strong,forceful composition with a bright and hopeful outlook. Driving guitars and rock synthesizer combine to create an energetic theme which will work well for any video material needing positive, upbeat, background music. Big 80's synths over a progressive metal foundation. Explodes into a virtuoso complex chopfest ala Dream Theater meets Yngwie Malmsteen.

Description: Melodic hard rock. Foo Fighter-ish.

Description: Powerful driven high energy track with vintage sound. Only guitars, bass, drums and Hammond organ. No synth, no sidechain or other modern features, only true Rock instruments-)) 198BPM, Emaj. Thanks for listening, rating and purchasing-)