Description: "Intense progressive metal song with interesting changes and accents. Medium-fast paced. Great for any film, video or website that requires added energy. Aggressive but interesting and catchy. • 30 second version also available"

Description: Rock, Rock-Hard Rock, Dynamic, Active, Bright, Brilliant, Campy, Driving, Enthusiastic, Feel Good, Fun, Hi Energy, Zany, Positive, Jumpy, Kitsch, in a Fun mood, featuring Drums, Guitar, Electric, Organ, with a Fast tempo

Description: surreal fx and metal guitars

Description: Heavy, instrumental groove-rock with a repeating guitar groove.

Description: Rock, Rock-1990'S, Rock-Hard Rock, Rock-Punk, Dynamic, Active, Aggressive, Agitated, Big, Bold, Bouncy, Brash, Building, Dangerous, Crazy, Driving, Expressive, Feel Good, Flowing, Struttin, Strong, Rambunctious, Punchy, Pulsing, Percussive, Groovy, Intense, in a Aggressive, Confident, Energetic, Exciting mood, featuring Bass, Drums, Guitar, Electric, with a Fast tempo

Description: Instrumental hard rock/heavy metal

Description: Powerful, energetic Hard Rock track with solid drums and raw electric guitars.

Description: Strutting Instrumental Hard Rock with Eastern Indian Overtones.

Description: Heavy metal music that can be used for sports or any energetic video or website. Catchy beat on the drums with distorted heavy guitar and heavy bass line. Great for sports, extreme videos, video games, energetic audio, etc. • This version has Metal drum kit. Another version is available with a techno / industrial feel. • 30 second versions and stingers / idents are also available