Description: Destroyed is a powerful, lively and energetic piece of music with heavy metal guitars and drums.

Description: Energetic and powerful rock music piece with drums, heavy metal guitar, bass guitar and e-guitar. Perfect for videos, commercials, TV promos and movies.

Description: Powerful rock music with electric guitars and drums – happy, cool and groovy.

Description: Sports music with rock beat, heavy metal guitars, e-guitars and drums – peppy, cool and funky.

Description: Hard modern rock song with a pumping, slight southern melody that'll get stuck in your head. Think Foo fighters, or Jimmy eat world.

Description: A soaring guitar solo piece with drum and bass accompaniment. Sounds straight from a Steve Vai album! Great for a highlight reel or action sequence.

Description: Crunchy, southern heavy pop/rock rock instrumental with extremely catchy guitars.

Description: Dirt and irritant, good for hardware tools spot or an arrogant television jingle. In the mechanical shop the voltage is....dirty

Description: driving hard rock instrumental track . strong intro/verse and a firey solo. perfect for film,games web and more.

Description: Shredfest,MARCOUSTIC,BITZ,ORIGINAL.