Description: Rage Against Machine style instrumental rock anthem.

Description: Rock oriented driving, percussive track.

Description: Hard Rock thing with great energetic overdrive guitar riffs and solo parts. Good for action or sport videos or maybe games.

Description: Instrumental hard rock/heavy metal

Description: hard rock guitar instrumental.

Description: a heavy instrumental guitar track. it's a memorable riff with a cool and chaotic lead guitar in the middle sections.

Description: Powerfull hard-rock track with cool guitar riffs, wah-wah guitars and guitar solo. Perfect for use in sport (like boxing) videos, advertisements etc. Thanks for listening, rating and purchasing-)

Description: Rock, Hard Rock, Alternative, Upbeat, Edgy, Driving, Energetic, AC/DC, Treacherous, Secret, Covert, Shady, Shadowy, Mystery

Description: Powerful hard Rock track with solid beat and edgy guitars.

Description: Rock oriented driving, percussive track.

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