Description: Optimistic, fresh and energetic indie rock background music with coll electric guitars and elegant piano rhythm. Perfect for positive themes-presentation, advertising, slide show, video, film, YouTube and more.

Description: Optimistic and inspiring pop rock track featuring pulsing piano, dreamy electric guitars and a driving beat. Perfect for business themes-presentation, advertising, film and more.

Description: Joyful and driving, featuring an emotional repeated guitar line, modern synths, and punchy rock drums that create a optimistic mood.

Description: Intense and bright rock track with string electric guitars and solid beat.

Description: Bright and upbeat, featuring electric guitars and drums that create an energetic and determined mood.

Description: This is an upbeat and motivational pop rock track evoking the feeling of success and fulfillment. Great for corporate,inspirational and introduction business projects.

Description: Light and romantic pop-rock track with a rhythmic piano, electric guitar, cool synths and percussion.

Description: Inspiring and uplifting pop rock track with an elegant electric guitar, synthesizer, piano, strings and percussion. Peaceful, dreamy and optimistic.

Description: Uplifting and introduction pop-rock track with massive layers of electric guitars, synths and piano.

Description: Optimistic pop-rock track with clean guitars, rhythmic piano, bouncing bass, cool synths and dynamic kit.

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