Description: Heavy and building with aggressive electric guitar, electronic textures and driving drum loops create a bold and confident mood.

Description: Hard driving anthemic pop punk track. Big thick guitars and big thick hooks.

Description: Upbeat and rhythmic with percussion, organ and solo electric guitar in the style of ""Santana"" with a Latin Rock feel.

Description: Driving, energetic and building in a cheerful mood that exudes an underscore for celebration.

Description: Driving and bouncy with jazzy horns, electric guitar and driving drums create an optimistic and happy mood.

Description: Building and heavy with aggressive distorted guitar, pulsing electronic drones, and driving drums create a bold and rebellious mood.

Description: Energetic and upbeat with driving heavy drums and electric guitar in the style of Rockabilly create a party feel.

Description: Psychedelic rock track with big ambitions. Spacey, ambient, and trippy.

Description: Warm acoustic piano introduction builds to a scene of resolution and pride.

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