Description: Fast paced and aggressive intro, this is a modern rock track. I have used some electro synths to mellow out the track and give it a cinematic vibe but kept the kit solid throughout. This is a great music bed for sports action, cars and motorbikes, product launch and internet advertising.

Description: Heavy rock guitars with an industrial groove, think Beastie Boys Sabotage or Iron Man theme. Big, loud and bad-ass. I have mixed in some synth sounds to give the cue a hybrid feel that keeps it fresh. Suitable for sports action, trailer cues, games and promos. Will work well as a music bed for action sequences.

Description: Energetic, industrial guitar intro, full of anger and aggression, will suit sports action, YouTube vids, gaming, will work well with cars and motorbikes and energetic visuals.

Description: BritRock.. Stunning male rock vocal with big guitar and kit, would work well as a promo feature or TV Spot. Boy meets girl, looking good, think visual and physical attraction. Sang in British accent. Why do have to be so beautiful Why you gotta have all those clothes Why do have to turn so many heads I'm only asking why Because I love you Why do have to be so beautiful

Description: Dirty. loud, industrial style guitars with a great rock vocal "Owww" has a retro rock vibe! Great for sports promos and music cues. perfect for commercial, advert and internet advertising, has a rebellious vibe for a young urban demographic.

Description: Rock guitars and kit, great music bed for advertising and commercial, will work with a voiceover and be great with some high adrenaline visuals. Will work well for sports promos

Description: Hank Marvin soundalike guitar, great music cue for transitions/scene changes, has a fast driving kit, could easily be used as a narrative cue for a charactor as has a strong melody and vibe. Would be great on a chase scene

Description: This is a great underscore rock track for a TV show, upbeat guitars driving the track, easily cut up for music cues, will also suit corporate DVD and web advertising, good options for edit and will work with a voiceover

Description: Heavy rock guitars, industrial groove, think Beastie Boys Sabotage. Big, loud and bad-ass Suitable for trailer cues, games or TV Spot promo. Great for build up for action or sports cues and promos.

Description: Swaggering dirty guitars with a great groove, forceful, driving cue. Pounding percussion with pacy guitars. Great for commercial or corporate use. Great masculine action vibe. Think Iron Man

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