Description: A super positive and bright theme full of inner power and colorful vibrations. Electric guitars with a mandolin combination make this audio theme both modern and traditional making it easy to use almost in any project about business, corporations or TV adverts and films that show something new and positive is coming up!

Description: Sky is the limit! A motivational and powerful theme perfect for business, sports, or anything that has to do with winning and success! Electric and acoustic guitars combined create the perfect sense of strength and confidence.

Description: A spicy rock and roll loop with hot electric guitars and cool pianos make this tune suitable to play on a theme that shows disorder, madness, out of control emotions, or even party. It can also fit in a comedy chase scene as well.

Description: An intense Hard Rock theme made of steel and fire. This is a pure theme for bikers, or a theme for an extreme car chase where the listener can feel the adrenaline of the moment to its maximum.