Description: urban, rock, down tempo, extreme, youth

Description: strange weaving bass and string-like synth lines. images of tubes, the future, subway or commuter trains.

Description: driving 6-8 rhythm and overdriven guitar set up this song from its outset. distorted bass and powerful drums compliment the dark mood.

Description: A catchy, slow driven bass line is backed by ever-changing jazz and hip-hop drum patterns. Ominous strings in the background set the tone for a beautifully labored guitar melody and a hypnotic vocal track. The lyrics were written while the writer was involuntarily admitted to a psych facility on a 72 hour hold. The song "Nine to Five Thesis" is a modern adaptation of medieval monk Martin Luther's "Ninety Five Theses". As Luther, in essence, declared war against the catholic church in his submission of this doctrine, this song is about the declaration of war against the writer's own spiritual oppressors.

Description: An instrumental rock track with psychedelic and classic rock qualities. For fans of Pink Floyd.

Description: new age world fusion with rock and roll sensibilities.

Description: A Pink Floyde style song that is also new age and exotic.

Description: title explains all.

Description: pumping synth techno track with pretty shining arpeggio that sounds like plucked strings layered in the distance.

Description: a song about boston, uptempo rock with smashing pumpkin like guitars and strings.

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