Description: Guitar dream huge arena big space

Description: guitar riff rock alternative

Description: trippy experimental rock groove melting

Description: Optimistic rock music with heavy guitars and bass, with techno beat and keyboards. Suitable for dancing, singing and sports video games.

Description: An uplifting unique industrial rock song sure to send chills down the listener's spine

Description: A very short ensemble piece including drums, a hammond organ, and guitar performing an original composition instrumental that has a creepy vibe that ends abruptly

Description: cacophony I is a live recording of a buddy and I playing an idea we have been working on, strictly instrumental, a few main ideas, pretty predictable and contemplative rock that tightens up into riffgasm

Description: An instrumental rock track with psychedelic and classic rock qualities. For fans of Pink Floyd.

Description: The track features ambient textures and pads, and a combination of Acoustic Guitar and both clean and overdriven Electric Guitar.

Description: Basic rock song with a little more to it. Male vocal Break down! Electro vibe, chase, fight, rough trade, young adult drama, teenagers, drama/youth, commercials and more. Edgy, nasty and low rider music. Urban petty crooks in alleys, alley fight, beefing, chasing girls. Lounge, club slow dancing