Description: An apocalyptic instrumental track in the genre of alternative cinematic rock, dark and ominous in mood, well-suited for visual scenarios imbued with mystery, demonic, evil forces, haunting states of mind, ghostly environs.

Description: A bright, uplifting pop-rock track that combines a orchestral elements with classic rock setup! This positive track represents power, optimism and confidence. Use it in various projects with a lively atmosphere, corporate events, presentations and commercials.

Description: Symphonic orchestra and rock metal band for an aggressive and powerful action track with breaks, themes and special sections. Cofrontational, tensive and heroic epic mood for sports, soundtracks, energy and dangerous situations. Available in many versions: main / no lead melodies / 60sec / 30sec / Breaks, all with an Orchestra Only version. Action, Adventure, Epic, Chase, Army, Trailer, Videogames, sports, racing, running, impact.

Description: Powerful Piano and Orchestral instruments. With intro piano and strings following by drum set, the song works well in successful, winning, victory theme of corporate, video presentation and business advertisement. As well as in romantic scenes, the song gradually increase positive happy emotion.

Description: Epic rock logo with guitar and orchestra.

Description: Powerful epic indie rock instrumental with acoustic guitars, electric, strings, piano orchestra for a big uplifting and positive vibe. Perfect background music for Youtube Videos, TV Film, Advert advertising commercials, presentations and more.

Description: Powerful rock composition with a strong emotional character.

Description: Powerful, victorious, and inspiring rock piece. Drums, bass and guitars are joined together to strengthen and bring refreshment to the listeners. Perfect for motivational presentations, technology commercials, corporate meetings, etc.

Description: Atmospheric, upbeat rock track that combines melody and drive! The arrangement is filled with various synth sounds.

Description: Epic aggressive driving rock music with orchestra . Great for contemporary, science, technology, business, and corporate projects where you need just an aggressive driving style background music. There are 15, 30, 60 second versions of this track as well as full mixes and underscores versions. Check out the collection "Rock Attitude Background Music" for a wide selection of music track in this style.